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Belforte all'Isauro

Situated in the Upper Foglia Valley, on the border between the Marche and Tuscany, on a long isolated spur of rock between the Isauro and Fossato torrents before they join the River Foglia.
Its castle, dating back to the High Medieval period, was ruled over by a succession of different lords. It originally formed part of the ancient parish of San Lorenzo in Foglia (8th Century), with the name Castrum Belfortis. It then fell within the district of Massa Trabaria until 1329 when it once again came under the authority of the church by order of Pope John XXII. In 1390 it was given by Pope Boniface IX in fief to the Counts of Montefeltro before being handed over, after a short period of Malatesta rule, to Guidantonio da Montefeltro, vicar of the church of Massa Trabaria. It remained under the dominion of the Montefeltro and Della Rovere families until the Duchy of Urbino was passed over to the rule of the Papal States in 1631. Its name derives from a German family of barons by the name of Beaufort, to which the geographical description 'all'Isauro' was added only in 1862. Arriving in the town we find the parish church of San Lorenzo containing a painting by the school of Barocci ("Saint Francis with the Stigmata") and a Crucifix which is believed to have miraculous powers. Beside the church is a public garden with a modern fountain by a well known Turin sculptor, Franco Assetto. A narrow bridge leads to the huge ancient castle, built on three levels, whose layout is heavily conditioned by the site on which it is built.
11 km from Belforte, over the Tuscan border, the small village of Sestino, with its interesting 12th Century Romanesque church, is also well worth a visit.

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Belforte all'Isauro

La storia del castello di Belforte all'Isauro pubblicata su BIOARCHITETTURA@ n.76 di Ottobre 2012. Scarica allegato (pdf, 1 MB)

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