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Provincia di Pesaro e Urbino
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Stands on a hillside above the Lower Metauro Valley at the point where the main Pesaro-Urbino highway leaves the river and begins its climb towards Urbino.
Colbordolo, as its name suggests, is a "small borgo (or village) on a hillside" whose existence can be traced back before the 13th Century. Its history is closely linked with that of the Montefeltro family and the city of Urbino, not least because this was the birthplace of Giovanni Santi, father of Raphael. We enter the oldest part of the town through an archway beneath the civic tower. In the parish church of San Giovanni Battista there are paintings from the school of Barocci ("Madonna with child and angels"), by the Pesaro artist Gian Giacomo Pandolfi ("The Virgin Mary") and by Claudio Ridolfi of Verona ("Madonna with child and saints").
The pretty walled village of Montefabbri (310 m), with its high, crenellated tower, also lies within the Colbordolo district. The Blessed Sante Brancorsini was born here in 1343 and his body at the Francescan Convent and Sanctuary of the Beato Sante at Mombaroccio is today a place of pilgrimage.

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