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Provincia di Pesaro e Urbino
Sito in fase di aggiornamento a seguito del riordino delle Province (L. 56/14 e L.R. Marche 13/15)


Stands securely on a rocky spur which dominates the valley of the Mutino torrent, Behind it is the Apennine range with the distinctive peaks of Sasso Simone and Simoncello, while further north is Monte Carpegna (1415m).
This was an advance garrison of the Montefeltro region on the border with the territory of Massa Trabaria and was for a long time the subject of dispute between the rival Malatesta and Montefeltro powers in much the same way as the other towns in this area. It is still surrounded by a sturdy wall. Inside it stands the old Palazzo Malatesta. An underground passageway from its cellars once led beneath the walls to a mill (now carefully restored) defended by a high tower, which guaranteed a supply of bread and flour during times of siege. The church of Santi Pietro e Paolo is decorated with a fine painting of the Madonna and Child from the school of the Urbino painter Barocci. Outside, the modern fountain (a 'water sculpture') designed by Franco Assetto stands as an invitation to visit the museum dedicated to the work of the same artist, which has been donated to the town. Outside the town walls, towards the north, we find the 15th Century Monastery of San Girolamo while to the west, in the midst of a thick wood, stands the Franciscan monastery of Montefiorentino, which is particularly interesting for those interested in art and history. The building itself dates back to the 13th Century though it has been modified several times during its history. Here we find the Chapel of the Counts Oliva, square in layout and paved with magnificent majolica tiles. This dates from the Renaissance period and was probably the work of Francesco di Simone Ferrucci and commissioned by Carlo Oliva, Count of Piagnano (1484). The twin tombs of Count Gianfrancesco Oliva and his wife Marsibilia Trinci are also by Ferrucci. Also worthy of mention are the important altarpiece in its beautiful carved frame of the Madonna with Child and Saints painted Giovanni Santi, father of Raphael, in 1489 and two truly splendid prie-deux carved by Maestro Zocchino (1493).
Over the past few years the Convent of Montefiorentino has been the setting for the annual award ceremony of the Premio Letterario Nazionale 'Frontino-Montefeltro', an important prize awarded to major Marche writers by a jury presided over by Carlo Bo.

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