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Provincia di Pesaro e Urbino
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Gabicce Mare

Arriving in the Province of Pesaro from the north, this is the first town along the coast. It is a well known beach resort with a separate hill resort above it at Gabicce Monte (150 m). The town stands at the northern end of the San Bartolo promontory.
Present day Gabicce is very much a product of modern times, closely linked to the development of the coastal area since the Second World War. Originally only Gabicce Monte existed (Castrum Ligabitij or Ligabitii). It seems that it took its name from the promontory which controlled this area at the end of the 10th Century. Subsequently, the fortified village which stood here was ruled over by a succession of illustrious families including the Malatesta, Sforza and Della Rovere families. There is also a certain amount of documentary evidence to show that Gabicce was a trading village since Roman times, with a harbour in the Vallugola area. Gabicce itself, however, did not have its own port until the beginning of the 20th Century and was dependent upon neighbouring Cattolica for all of its marine activity. The fishermen of Gabicce specialised mainly in clam fishing. Subsequently they managed to build their own boat house and began to build their own boats until they had created a small fleet for sardine and mackerel fishing. The town hall was moved down from Gabicce Monte to Gabicce Mare in 1942. Then, in the post-war years, the town began to investigate the possibility of developing the beach as a tourist resort and it rapidly expanded into a summer tourist destination. Little remains of early Gabicce Monte. The church of San Ermete dates back to 775 but it has been completely rebuilt. It does, however, conserve a fragment of fresco ("Madonna suckling child") and a fine wooden Crucifix (late 14th C - early 15th C).
Two famous potters, Girolamo and Giacomo Lanfranco (father and son), were born in Gabicce and had a workshop in Pesaro from 1530-1590. Both were important figures in the artistic revival of the pottery trade after the glorious period of the previous century.

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