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Mercatino Conca

Crossing the border from Romagna, this is the first village in the valley of the River Conca (the ancient Crustumium) in the province of Pesaro. Taking the road from Cattolica it stands on the left of the river. Alternatively, it can be reached along the tortuous hill road from Tavoleto and the Foglia valley.
From 1272 it was known as Pian di Castello due to its position on the plain of the River Conca but was destroyed in 1462 by Federico da Montefeltro. The present name probably derives from a decree issued by Duke Guidubaldo I da Montefeltro in 1508 in which it was given the right to hold a weekly market each Friday. Only a few ruins now bear witness to its history, as most of the town was built in modern times. The town, which is the natural meeting place for all of the inhabitants of the Conca Valley, has a long five-arched bridge which links together both banks of the river.


Comune di Mercatino 61013 Mercatino Conca
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