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Provincia di Pesaro e Urbino
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Mondavio castle
Mondavio castle

Standing on a hill 3.4 km from the cross roads at S. Michele al Fiume, on the road leading up the Cesano Valley, the ancient fortified town dominates the panorama with its turrets and bell towers and with the picturesque escarpment wall which joins the town to the imposing Della Rovere castle. turrets and bell towers and with the picturesque escarpment wall which joins the town to the imposing Della Rovere castle.
This was originally a solitary wooded area in which there was a single monastery, built by St Francis on land donated by the Ricci family. By the 14th Century it was already a fortified village which ruled over the surrounding villages. In 1355 it was recognised by Cardinal Egidio Albornoz as a vicariate and began its long history, first as part of the territory of the "Comitato of Fano", with jurisdiction over 18 villages, and then as part of the lands of the Malatesta family. In 1474, Pope Sixtus IV gave it to his nephew Giovanni Della Rovere who commissioned Francesco di Giorgio Martini to build the impressive castle. This now houses a museum portraying historical scenes and a fine armoury. It formed part of the Duchy of Urbino until 1631, along with the rest of the territory of the ancient vicariate, which by then had been extended to include twenty four villages. The austere Palazzo Comunale, or town hall, stands inside the walls overlooking the piazza and the town's alleyways. Here we also find the ancient church of San Francesco, with its spacious vaulted cloister (modified in the 18th Century) and the collegiate church of Santi Pietro e Paterniano, rebuilt by Bartolomeo Genga in the 16th Century and extended in the 18th Century. The small Teatro Apollo, with its three tiers of boxes and delightful 19th Century decorations, is currently being restored.
An historic re-enactment known as the "Caccia al cinghiale" (Wild Boar Hunt) and a "Renaissance Banquet", together with a traditional game called the "Gioco dei nastri" and a display by a "Group of Historical Archers" attracts many visitors each year.

a Mondavio si può...

...visitare il centro storico e la Rocca Roveresca, il Museo Civico e il Teatro Apollo, partecipare alla Rievocazione storica della caccia al cinghiale in agosto e ai tanti laboratori per bambini, ragazzi, adulti e famiglie!

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