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Provincia di Pesaro e Urbino
Sito in fase di aggiornamento a seguito del riordino delle Province (L. 56/14 e L.R. Marche 13/15)


An ancient hill town to the left of the Metauro Valley, 5 km from the Flaminian Way. It can be reached from Ponte degli Alberi (21.7 km from Fano), by climbing the pretty narrow valley of Rio Puto.
Built in the Middle Ages, Montefelcino was fought over by the larger towns of Fano and Fossombrone and finally ended up under the control of the latter during the Malatesta period. When Fossombrone became part of the Duchy of Urbino, Montefelcino followed. It experienced a period of particular prosperity from 1570 to 1591 when it was governed by Conte Fabio Landriani. It was during this period that the Palazzo del Feudatario was built inside the town wall. This imposing building, with its austere arched entrance and rusticated doorway is now used for various cultural events and, during the summer, for the annual craft and antique fair called the "Mercatino del Feudatario". Nothing remains of the fine castle, built by Duke Federico da Montefeltro to a design by Francesco di Giorgio Martini, except for a 33 metre deep water cistern.
At the church of San Marco, in the nearby village Monte Montanaro, there is an interesting large altarpiece by the Fossombrone painter Gianfrancesco Guerrieri ("Madonna with Child and Saints Francis, Mark, Blaise and Lawrence").

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