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Provincia di Pesaro e Urbino
Sito in fase di aggiornamento a seguito del riordino delle Province (L. 56/14 e L.R. Marche 13/15)


The town dominates the surrounding area from its position of 160 metres above sea level. Enclosed within the imposing escarpment wall are the old houses and narrow alleyways of the old "castello". Beneath it is the distinctive piazza of the borgo, the nearby parish church and other interesting buildings.
The countryside around the town is clad with vines and olive groves. Saltara stands just 2.5 km from the ancient Flaminian Way (a district of Calcinelli, 13.4 km from Fano). Its history right back to Medieval times is inextricably linked with that of Fano (15.5 km away) by which governed it during the entire Malatesta period (14th and 15th Centuries) as well as during the subsequent long period of Papal rule (16th - 18th Centuries). A pretty stairway takes us up to the long porticoed arcade which was once used for the fairs and markets which made the town famous in this part of the Metauro Valley. The parish church of San Pier Celestino was built in the later 16th Century but was subsequently altered in the 18th Century. The former church of SS.Sacramento, which is used today for exhibitions and cultural events, is much older. Inside, there is a fine 15th Century fresco by Maestro Antonio da Pesaro ("Our Lady of Mercy"). Just outside the town is the elegant church and sanctuary of Madonna della Villa (late 18th Century) - its fine original organ has recently been restored. On the western outskirts of the Saltara district stands the magnificent church of San Francesco in Rovereto (15th Century). Its adjoining convent is now used for spiritual retreats and cultural events.
Villa del Balì, the vast 16th Century country house built by the wealthy Negusanti family, stands on a promontory to the north. It was subsequently acquired by the Counts Marcolini who had been given the hereditary title of di Balì by the military order of the Knights of St Stephen. The building houses a Science Museum and planetarium as well as providing accommodation for conferences and exhibitions of local produce (olive oil, wine, and formaggio di fossa cheese).

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