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Sant'Angelo in Vado

A town situated along the Upper Metauro Valley, 71.9 km from the sea, in the foothills which rise up to the Apennine mountains. It stands on the main road leading up to the Bocca Trabaria pass (1044 m).
The medieval town of Sant' Angelo in Vado was built on the ruins of the Roman town of Tiphernum Mataurense which had been destroyed in the 6th Century during Gothic invasion. Today, various interesting archaeological remains have been preserved. The medieval town was dedicated to the Archangel Michael and named "in Vado" after the ford across the river Metauro which, even today, can be crossed by foot or on horseback. This was the main centre in the Massa Trabaria area from the 9th Century. By the 14th Century it was ruled over by the Brancaleone family before becoming part of the lands of the future Duchy of Urbino when Gentile Brancaleoni married Federico da Montefeltro (1437). From that time onwards, the town followed the fortunes of Urbino until it passed to the church in 1631. In 1636 it was given the title of 'city' by Pope Urban VIII. Its fine town centre has a wealth of buildings from various periods - from the 14th Century Palazzo della Ragione, topped by its civic tower ('el Campanon') to the 18th century Cathedral, from such early buildings as Palazzo Santinelli, Palazzo Grifoni, Palazzo Clavari and Palazzo Mercuri to the 17th Century Palazzo Fagnani (the magnificent town hall building since 1838). Among the churches with the finest collections of works of art are Santa Maria extra muros with the adjoining former Monastery of the Servi di Maria, Santa Chiara with its convent, Santa Caterina del Corso and Santa Caterina delle Bastarde, the octagonal 17th church of San Filippo and the Oratoriy of the Immacolata, San Bernardino, San Francesco and the 16th Century Santa Maria degli Angeli with adjoining cloister from the same period.
Sant' Angelo in Vado was the birthplace of three famous painters - the brothers, Federico and Taddeo Zuccari, who worked mainly in Rome in the second half of the 16th Century, and Francesco Mancini, who had a workshop in Rome during the first half of the 18th Century where he had several pupils from the Marche.

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