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Provincia di Pesaro e Urbino
Sito in fase di aggiornamento a seguito del riordino delle Province (L. 56/14 e L.R. Marche 13/15)


Urbino - World heritage Site - is at the apex of Renaissance art and architecture.

Urbino and the Ducal Palace at the sunsetUrbino and the Ducal Palace at the sunset

Beacause of its monumental qualities, the historic center of Urbino was declarred a Unesco World Heritage site and represents the zenith of art and architecture of the Renaissance.

Urbino means harmony between an enchanted landscape and medieval profile and become a unique treasure of art together with its ducal palace, a masterpiece of the 15th century.

During its brief reign of cultural supremacy under the Duke of Montefeltro, Urbino attracted some of the most illustrious scholars and artists of the Renaissance, who designed an extraordinarily homogeneous city and extended its influence over the rest of Europe.

It is so harmoniously adapted to its physical surroundings and its mediaeval past that the whole city is simply breathtaking.

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