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Provincia di Pesaro e Urbino
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Local products

Gastronomy and handicrafts


Rarely can a province offer such an abundance of interesting food and wine. The most evident example is that of the truffle, which is found at the fairs of  Sant'Angelo in Vado and Acqualagna. Acqualagna, together with Alba, is recognised by law as the centre of collection and commercialisation for Italy. It is actually Acqualagna that has been bestowed the honour of being the truffle capital throughout the year. October to December sees the refined superior quality whitish flesh of the precious white truffle, from January to March the precious black truffle is found, April to June and July to September are respectively the periods of the black summer truffle or “scorzone” and the white truffle or “marzuolo”. In fact, the truffle is one of the items used in the kitchen by Gioacchino Rossini, a grand gourmet in addition to being a great composer.
Alongside the truffle, mushrooms are also present in abundance with numerous varieties to be found throughout the Apennine region. S. Sisto, located on the slopes of monte Carpegna, has for ten years or so been the host of the regional mycology show, and each autumn, together with other centres, present its products from the wood to the world.
The beautiful Casciotta d'Urbino PDO, one of Michelangelo’s other passions, is a fresh cheese mainly from sheep's milk, with the addition of a small percentage of cow's milk. Another cheese, also of high quality, is the “pecorini in fossa” produced at Cartoceto and Acqualagna.
The Montefeltro area offers a variety of prime-quality meats from the Marchigiana breed. The Carpegna Ham PDO has a special reputation, as does the rightly appreciated by gastronomes Olive oil Cartoceto PDO.
With regard to the Sangiovese and Bianchello local wines, tradition has it that the latter was the cause of the defeat of Hasdrubal by the Romans at the infamous and bloody battle of the river Metaurus. These two wines have reach high quality levels. Good DOC wines to be found in the area are: Bianchello del Metauro DOC, Colli Pesaresi DOC and Pergola DOC.
Fish, instead, has a daily presence in the cuisine of Pesaro and Fano with the brodetto (fish soup), while further inland, pork-butchers offer a variety of choice salami and cooked meats. To these we can add other products from the province, such as the Chiaserna bread, Angelica di Serrungarina pear and Montelabbate peach, all products that inspire a simple yet tasty cuisine of exception variety.

TERRE ROSSINI RAFFAELLO Pizza, pizza with the flavors of the land Pesaro and Urbino. Five pizzas with five different tastes based on genuine local products in order to introduce the delights of the area. TRR menu of pizzas, list of restaurants and pizzerias in


Artistic craft in the province is based on very ancient tradition. The most well-known activity dating back to Renaissance times is undoubtedly that of ceramics. The most famous being the ceramics of Castel Durante, today Urbania, where as early as the first half of the sixteenth century, illustrious master “maiolicari” worked. A craft tradition that is still practiced today, not only in Urbania but also at Sant’Angelo in Vado, and above all in Pesaro, which, in the first ten years of the last century, achieved international fame for its ceramic artistry.

A typical example of the ancient craft is the production of 'cocci' (terracotta) from Fratterosa, which reproduces models based on popular farming traditions, while the hand-made pipes of Pesaro are receiving increasing acclaim. Hand woven carpets have always been produced at Piobbico and more recently at Novilara and elsewhere.

The ancient and highly-esteemed craft of working wrought iron is practiced above all at Cagli. Famous abroad is the working of bamboo and rush at Sant’Ippolito and leather at Casinina. Sant'Ippolito is also known for the ancient art of working stone, to create traditional figures and motifs as did the stone masons and stone cutters of old. A more modern but nevertheless highly artistic craft is that of the goldsmith, flourishing above all in Fano.

PROVINCIALE 26 - strada del gusto

Nasce la “Strada del Gusto”, un itinerario ideale tra le eccellenze paesaggistiche ed enogastronomiche del territorio

Strada del Gusto (pdf 2.1 MB)


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