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Provincia di Pesaro e Urbino
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Cesano valley

It is crossed by the S.S. 424 trunk road, which links all the places in the valley, from the sea to the hills. The summer season in Marotta runs from May onwards and is packed with holiday entertainment and events. The first taste of  Summer though comes as early as the third Sunday of April with the “sagra dei garagoi” or shellfish festival, with its regular visitors coming from as far away as Germany and other European countries. Mondolfo has its monumental church of  Sant’Agostino, while just a few kilometres away  stands the renaissance town of Mondavio with its rather imposing castle, the “Rocca di Francesco di Giorgio Martini” and, on a nearby hill, the classic fortified town of Orciano di Pesaro with its Malatesta tower. Fratterosa is the “terracotta” town, S. Lorenzo in Campo has its Romanesque abbey, its small but precious archaeological museum and an extraordinary African ethnographic museum, while other characteristic locations include the fortified towns of S. Vito and Montalfoglio with its trees growing out of the walls.
Then there is Pergola, the city of the gilded bronzes, a genuine museum town and wine producing centre. At the foot of monte Catria stands Frontone with its distinctive castle, and Serra S. Abbondio with its still well-preserved Renaissance gateways. On the slopes of monte Catria, instead, stands the monastery of Fonte Avellana, a hermitage dating back to the year one thousand and mentioned in Dante’s Divine Comedy, a precious monumental complex and centre of monastic spirituality.

The valley is the venue for all year-round feasts and celebrations. The tourist can wander at will from the sea shores up to the hills and then on to the mountains, sampling a local cuisine that is simple though based on typical and unrivalled local products. From fish to truffles, mushrooms, honey and cheese, all washed down with high quality local wines such as Bianchello, Vernaccia, Sangiovese and the unsurpassed “Visner da meditazione”. The Cesano valley is just perfect for lovers of good food and wine.

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