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Metaurus valley

The Roman road “via Flaminia” (Flaminian way) runs the lenght of the Metaurus river valley from the Arch of Augustus in Fano to the Furlo tunnel, passing trough Fossombrone, Cantiano, Piobbico and Apecchio. The valley is seeped in Roman influence, history and archaeology, and is a haven of incomparable natural settings and overwhelming beauty. The Metaurus valley, with so many places to visit and things to see offer the tourist endless opportunities for exploration.
The city of Fano deserves more than just a single day’s visit, with its old centre, churches, monuments, its carnival in February, its Jazz music concerts and the “Fano dei Cesari” historical reenactment in Summer. A few kilometres along the main road from Fano in the direction of Rome stands Fossombrone, the ancient “Forum Sempronii”, rich in art museums, archaeological sites and nature. A short distance away is the inspiring scenery of the Furlo Gorge and the road tunnel dug by the Romans in 76 A.D. A compulsory stopover is Parco le Querce at Acqualagna, the capital of the truffle, for a guided tour of the Gorge and to sample the delights of truffle based dishes. From here, the itinerary moves on to Piobbico, at the foot of Monte Nerone, for a visit to “Castello Brancaleoni” and the Renaissance town of Apecchio with its interesting fossil museum. Back on the main dual carriage-way, the next town is Cagli, with its elegant Renaissance architecture and Romanesque churches. Then follows Cantiano, at the foot of monte Catria, with its aristocratic buildings and a Geo-territorial museum. A visit to the “Bosco di Tecchie” woods is a must for mushrooms lovers.

The entire valley is well-known for its excellent gastronomic opportunities. Fano, for example, is famous for its excellent fish cuisine, while Acqualagna is the mushrooming centre of the Metaurus valley, one of the European zones with the highest production of the precious white truffle. Extra virgin olive oil DOP is the product par-excellence of Cartoceto while  Bianchello del Metauro and Sangiovese are celebrated wines that accompany both simple and refined local dishes to satisfy all tastes.

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