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Provincia di Pesaro e Urbino
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Beauty farms, Spa and wellbeing centres


In the province there are four centres offering hot springs, where it is possible to look after one’s health without renouncing the pleasures of a holiday: the hot springs or Terme di Carignano, located just within the hilly hinterland, a few kilometres from both Pesaro and Fano, the thermal waters Montegrimano Thermae of Montegrimano Terme, above the upper Conca valley, Pitinum Thermae of Macerata Feltria and Terme di Raffaello (Raphael) of Petriano.
There are other locations where, in addition to receiving personal attention, it is possible to rediscover peace and tranquillity by relaxing in the midst of nature with thoughts of one’s own personal health and well-being. And it is these magic words that have lead to the creaton of health farms immersed in the lush green of the Appenines. Centres that offer all kinds of service and where it is possible to benefit from the generosity of nature: from the sulphurous water falls of monte Catria and monte Nerone which cascade to form a natural pool, to the natural rock grotto where one can surrender oneself to the pleasures of a healthy sauna.

Fitness centres

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